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To  know Smiley is to know he is here for the children.


The program you are about to read is not just entertainment, it is unique, exciting, and motivating. Smiley is my name. I am not just a rapper, dancer or magician. I am not just an informer or motivator. I am all those things that make me who I am today, SMILEY THE MAGICIAN AND CLOWN.

This program consists of strategies and tactics to uplift young people and encourage them to continue to dream. This program focuses on violence prevention, drug awareness, the importance of school, or business ownership.

This program focuses on all school level children. I am a hip-hop clown that uses motivational speeches, positive rap songs, special effects, a touch of magic, and audience participation to keep the children's attention. My goal is to get a positive message across. Through my actions I will prove to the students, staff and community members, I am a positive example and role model for the youth. Every child in Michigan will greatly benefit from my talents because it is so greatly needed.

I will show versatility by reaching all levels of young growing minds. I dedicated my life to something bigger than myself and that is to reach the masses of young people in and out of the school system. So, I say again this motivational program is needed and necessary for the young people to see, hear, and experience the excitement for themselves.

In conclusion, the big question is how will you pay for this service? I am vendor with the Detroit Public Schools, so if you receive funding from the board that money can be utilize. I know many schools do not receive funding, but you can have fund-raisers, in which the children will pay to attend the program or another service you can utilize is my D.J. service for dances, fashion or talent shows. Any extra money made will go back to your school for other programs. I thank you for your time and consideration, and I am looking forward to the opportunity of working with you and through you, to reach the children. SO DON'T FORGET TO SMILE, CALL SMILEY.